Dining Room Table Styles

Nothing quite defines the character and style of your dining room as the table that’s in the centre. For many families throughout history, the dining room table served as the centrepiece of their daily existence – it’s a place to come back, reset, converse, nourish themselves, and have a nice chat before breaking apart for the rest of their evening’s activities.

Because of the dining room table’s importance, then, it’s vital that you choose the right type of dining room table for your family, and your household. There are several different types you can pick out for the room, so choose wisely! Here, we’ll break down the different types.

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Modern Dining Room Tables

Looking for something that really represents a cutting-edge, super-modern feel? Go for a modern-style dining room table.  These can most accurately best be described as “minimalist.” They will have a different type of construction material – glass, for example, or perhaps some type of metal such as chrome, aluminium or steel. They’ll most likely look sleek and streamlined, without an excessive amount of decoration or fanciness in their design and construction.

This type of table will go well with a house that has a modernist look and feel, with the features to match. However, if you don’t, be aware that a modernist piece like this might stick out like a proverbial sore thumb. One final note – wooden tables can also fit into this type of structure (they’re just not as common).

Traditional Dining Room Tables

Let’s go to the opposite route of the modernist dining room table now and tackle the “traditional” style. You’re probably familiar with these – after all, you likely grew up eating off one! These are large, thick and sturdy tables, probably made out of a thick and reliable old-style wood such as pine, oak or cedar. There’s a good chance that these tables will have beautiful detailing – usually on the legs – that add accent to the piece of furniture, and will come in circular or rectangular shapes.

These traditional tables match up well with a traditional, old-school feel for the household. However – like with modern tables, if you don’t have the furniture around it to match up the vibe, it may end up the elephant in the room.

Transitional Dining Room Tables

The best of both worlds between the traditional and the modern. These have the traditional workings and elements to it – they’re often wood and in the traditional shapes – but have the sleek and streamlined lines of a more contemporary piece of furniture. They appear casual and un-showy to a visitor. A good, flexible option for many contemporary spaces.

Country Dining Room Tables

You don’t have to sing any Dolly Parton with these type of tables (though we’re sure you have a lovely voice). Country tables are defined by their turned legs and  distinct, distressed finishes. There’s a very specific type of household in which these fit in very well, but if it fits, then go for it!


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