How to Choose a Sofa Colour

So you’re buying a new sofa – lucky you! But what colour should you pick? Choose wisely and a beautiful, seamlessly styled living room is yours. Make the wrong decision and your lounge space can go from chic to chaotic in no time.

Don’t worry! La Casa’s colour experts are here to guide you step by step on how to choose a sofa colour.

Find Your Starting Point

Are you starting from scratch and building your décor scheme around your sofa? Or are you choosing a sofa to complement your existing living room?

These are the first questions you need to consider when contemplating how to choose a sofa colour.

Maybe your couch is the starting and focal point of the room. Great! You have plenty of creative freedom and your choice can be purely down to personal preference and style.

But, if you already have a set décor scheme – the decision gets trickier. Colour, décor, lifestyle and spatial rules must all be taken into account. Luckily, this article will help you navigate the complicated rules of how to pick a sofa colour.

Let’s start!

What Size is Your Living Room?

Small Living Room

Ever wondered why those with impeccable homes tend to match their sofa to the colour of the walls? Style-savvy homeowners understand their sofa colour combination must blend in with existing furniture and walls to offer the illusion of infinite lines and spaciousness.

small living room sofa

This is backed up by The Spruce website, which suggests the best sofa colours for a small living room are those that blend into the main colour scheme. The result creates an expansive feeling, combined with an open and airy living space – who doesn’t want that?

It’s no wonder then, that neutrals are the most popular sofa colours as they make your room appear BIGGER. However, maybe you have a wall painted in a vivid colour or a bright décor scheme? In which case, choosing a vibrant sofa will also work a treat – just make sure it fuses into your main colour scheme to create a fluid, seamless style.

Large Living Room

Is your living room spacious and open-plan?

Maybe you’re wanting to section your space into separate lounge areas?

A contrasting coloured sofa is your go-to piece, otherwise, your living room will lack definition. For example, if you have light walls, a colourful or dark sofa colour will create distinct spaces as well as introducing visual interest.

large living room sofa

Should You Choose a Light or Dark Sofa Colour?

OK, so now you have a starting point of how to pick a sofa colour to suit your living room, next you need to decide on the shade. It’s no good thinking you’ll opt for a blue sofa. What shade of blue? Pastel, navy?

The Spruce website suggests taking into account the colour of your floors. Do you have dark wood flooring? Choose a contrasting, lighter shade to avoid your couch disappearing into the floor. It’s basically the opposite sofa colour combination rule of matching your couch to your walls.

light colour corner sofa

But what if your heart is set on a sofa colour a similar shade to your floor?

Or maybe your walls and floor are the same colour…

Try this simple tip: place a contrasting rug underneath the sofa to break up the colours and create the desired distinction. Phew!

Is Your Lifestyle Suitable For This Colour?

Maybe you’ve decided on a light, cream coloured sofa. Very chic – but wait… Who uses your sofa? Your dog, your kids? Sorry to break it to you, but you may have to reconsider…

It goes without saying, a darker shade is best for concealing stains. But we understand, a darker sofa colour combination may not complement your colour scheme or personal style. This is where decorative throws, luxe cushions and elegant accessories come into play.

sofa for your lifestyle

Why not opt for a sofa in a timeless Dove Grey? The slightly darker shade will effortlessly conceal spills and stains. Simply lighten up the vibe with cream sheepskin throws and fluffy white cushions – the light and luxurious effect you’re craving is achieved, with minimal maintenance.

Should You Go For Neutral or Statement?

Most people LOVE the idea of a statement sofa – but hate the impracticality. Consequently, neutral shades tend to be the most popular sofa colours. But times are changing. Pantone have announced ‘Illuminating’ (yellow) and ‘Ultimate Grey’ as colours of the year for 2021, which indicates vibrancy is giving neutrals a run for their money.

So which colour camp should you be in?


If you’re seeking a timeless sofa colour neutrals are your best bet. They’re versatile, sophisticated and create a harmonious, clean aesthetic. Creams, beiges, taupes and greys complement ANY décor scheme – even eclectic décor – and will continue to do so, no matter how many times you switch up your living room.

corner sofa image

The type of neutral you opt for depends on the factors already discussed in this guide. But if you want a timeless sofa colour, that’s also bang-on-trend, choose grey.


Instagram backs up Pantone’s prediction that ‘Ultimate Grey’ is going to be THE sofa colour of the season… and likely for many more. Granted, your Instagram feed may appear to favour sugary-sweet pastel pink sofas, but the stats say otherwise.

Who would have guessed Instagram’s most searched sofa colour is #greysofas? Yep, this simple, timeless sofa colour is one of Instagram’s most popular sofa colours with a whopping 33,798 searches. [1].

We’re not surprised. Grey can be simple yet stunning, practical and versatile.

Complementing any colour scheme, an elegant grey sofa works harmoniously with neutral décor or can be accessorised with bohemian accoutrements to fuse with a more eclectic style. The colour also denotes serenity AND strength – an attribute Pantone states we’re all craving this year.  


A statement sofa is the ULTIMATE focal point for your lounge space. A home boasting a dramatic couch creates excitement and leaves an enviable impression on guests. Goodhomes Magazine states more and more people are opting for eclectic sofa designs, so why not be brave and experiment with a more exuberant style this year?

yellow statement sofa

What exactly are the statement trending sofa colours for 2021?

As mentioned earlier, Pantone’s colour combination of the year includes ‘Illuminating’ – a beautiful sunshine yellow shade. Consequently, expect to see canary yellow sofas pop up in homes around the country pretty soon.

Although neutral grey topped Instagram’s most popular sofa colours hashtag, other trending sofa colours included red (25,154 posts), green (23,166 posts) and blue (21,198 posts). These are all vibrant shades that uplift and enliven your living space – perfect for energising your mood and creating a hopeful atmosphere. Something we all need after 2020.

Ok, you’ve convinced me – I’m choosing a statement sofa this season! But how on earth do I style the thing?

Take this advice by The Spruce: Blend the colour of your sofa with matching pieces in your living room to avoid a chaotic look. For example, teaming a yellow sofa with similar warm and uplifting shades in the form of artwork, rugs or wallpaper is sure to create a seamless yet ‘illuminating’ vibe.

Signing Off

We really hope you’ve found this guide to choosing a sofa colour useful.

Which is your favourite sofa colour? Let us know in the comments!


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