10 Must Know Tips to Modernise Your Living Room

Is your living room feeling just a bit … bland?

If so, it might be time for a quick spruce up, with some modern living room furniture! Luckily, there are dozens of ways you can kick your living room up a few notches.


Here are our picks for how you can modernise your living room. Oh, and don’t forget – you can pick up plenty of different living room furnishings from our store in Jersey.

  • Update your lighting – Nothing delivers a quicker refresh to your living room than new, modern and effective lighting. It brightens up the day and delivers a beautiful glow to the area.
  • Go high-tech Want to impress guests – and yourself? Install high-tech devices (speakers, televisions, radios, temperature controls, etc.) in the living room and watch eyes go wide.
  • Work on the ceiling You don’t have to go full Lionel Richie and start developing a dance floor on the ceiling. This is likely going to be an expensive tweak, but if you can do it, adding some type of element to the ceiling – wood beams, or even wooden beams that are lit up, for example – gives a majestic boost to a place that’s so often overlooked.
  • Bring in some natural life There’s nothing like some plants or some animal life (fish, for example – a rhino might not work) to deliver a good, fresh vibe to your living room.
  • Bring in a different colour If you don’t like the colour of your living room – change it! Try the complete opposite of what you had before, or bring in someone to give you a different opinion on the colour scheme.
  • Organise, organise, organise Don’t leave your materials (remotes, magazines, books) lying about scattershot. Bring in drawers, furniture and pieces to store these materials
  • Paint the furniture Your modern living room furniture doesn’t have to stick with the same colours it came in. Have some fun with it! If you think your dresser or one of your wooden chairs would be better in a different colour, try it.
  • Get mirrors You don’t have to go insane and turn the living room into a room from the circus. However, a few strategically-placed mirrors can certainly modernise your living room and give the impression of depth and atmosphere to a room that can often feel lacking in both. Play around with it! You never know what kind of atmosphere you may be able to create.
  • Floating shelves The flexibility and modern style of “floating” shelves can add a distinct touch to any living room. Insert these to allow you to change the look and feel of a living room when it suits you or the furniture, giving an extra dimension to this crucial room.
  • Bring out the clock, bring back the television – Move away from having the television being the centre of the living room. Few families are huddling around the television for tray dinners and Noel Edmonds House Party anymore – that went out with the 1990s. The television is necessary, of course, but try minimising its look – put it in a corner or in some type of furniture that can cover it up. Conversely, try emphasising the importance of a clock. Get a nice wall-mounted unit or even an old-school grandfather clock. Those add a special level of coolness to any living room.


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