Which Style of Bedroom Furniture is Right For Your Home?

When planning your home layout, it’s essential you put a lot of thought into the design and style that will dominate your bedroom. This is the place that you will go to get away from it all, the spot to relax, rest and reset for the next day; therefore, it is vital that you work to make it as comfortable as possible in a reflection of your own personality.

So, which style of bedroom furniture is right for your home? Here’s our guide:


This will probably be the style of bedroom furniture you’ll see the most, for the simple reason that we’re in a modern era! This style encompasses the “contemporary” style, as well as the modern one; contemporary styles, however, will generally include more colour than the neutral modern styles. Modern bedroom furniture is functional, employing cutting-edge materials and designs to increase comfort and usability.

This style will employ clean, smooth lines and design, occasionally incorporating more detail and style when needed and appropriate. Modern bedroom furniture is a good choice for anyone who wants that kind of up-to-date, sleek look for their resting space.  


Minimalist style bedroom furniture defines the “Asian” style of bedroom furniture. This style is ideal for the person who may want to deem their life “uncluttered;” it’s perfect for serenity and helping to get back in touch with nature and the quieter side of life. Harmony and naturalism is prized here, as is minimalism. You will find many straight vertical and horizontal lines in this type of furniture, helping to ground and relax the person in the bedroom.

Additionally, beds, chairs, drawers, desks and other types of furniture that may be installed in the room will be lower to the ground – again, helping to relax the owner of the bedroom. Most of the materials that will be used in Asian style will be natural – bamboo, wood – and will tend towards warmer woods, to match the tones of the colours in the bedroom. Colours will tend towards muted, earthy greys and greens, with brighter pieces thrown in for accents.

Again, with its natural and peaceful connection, Asian furniture is ideal for any person who is looking to their bedroom as a place of sanctuary, quiet and connection back to reality.


The “transitional” style bedroom furniture is a hybrid of two different genres. This specific style mashes up traditional and contemporary, keeping the former’s distinct style along with the latter’s sense of comfort.

This results in a simple but elegant style that is muted to the eye, with plenty of emphasis on earthy tones and earthy colours; however, there’s a subtle sophistication to the detail and construction of the bedroom furniture that results in a bold and daring look to the household.

Materials are usually traditional of style, but some – if looking for a “coastal” style – may find furniture of a more exotic nature. Bolder, more vibrant colours may also come along with those designs.

The transitional style is for one who would like the best of both worlds – the look and feel of traditional styles with the comfort and appeal of modern workings.


This is a “big tent” style structure. You may hear “country” style referring to a whole host of different styles – cottage, shaker or mission, for example. This style harkens back to a period where “country” furniture construction was developed around a farm, and reflected as such; furniture was prominent and heavy, with plenty of thick, solid and dark woods included and plenty of details included in the design.

That traditional country style bedroom furniture may still be seen (and may, in fact, be perfect for those who crave that specific look for their bedroom) but it’s worth exploring this “big tent” of a style to see what else might tickle your fancy.

Other country styles feature more simple lines and bright colours with stencilling, natural rustic materials, spare lines and forms, rough-hewn looks, or graceful curves. Again, this is a “big-tent” style of furniture. If you’re looking for something that will take your bedroom back to the basics, and give it a truly homely feel, this might be the style that is perfect for you.

The key here is to keep experimenting. Stick with one sub-set of the country style bedroom furniture, or mix and match the different items until you find the one that fits your home the best.

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