Types of Mattresses

Ah, sleep – for many of us, the single best part of our days. And a key element to that most refreshing and blissful part of our existence? Comfort. Nothing can ruin your nights – or your days – quite like an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

Vital to that sleeping experience is are the types of mattresses used. Selecting the right type of mattress for your evenings can prove to be the difference between a good, relaxing, and refreshing night of sleep and a tossing-and-turning existence that won’t do you any good.

So, which types of mattresses are out there? And what types of mattresses are perfect for your existence?  We at La Casa Home interiors – with our wide selection of mattresses from Sealy to Silent Night Beds, are here to help you. 

  • Gel mattresses – A comfortable type of mattress that includes a layer of gel in its construction. If you’re concerned about body temperature at night, this may be the one to go with; the unique characteristics of the gel mattress allows for a more comfortable experience.
  • Water mattresses – No, they didn’t go away with a new decade – and in fact, they’re back and more popular than ever. Water beds are ideal for back sleepers, as the gentle feel of the water within the layers allows for support and comfort for those style sleepers. You can pick from either a free-flowing waterbed or one with different “chambers” to restrict movement.
  • Memory foam – One of the more popular types of mattresses out there. Memory foam beds allow for the “foam” in the construction to gently adapt to your body over time, learning what your body does and providing support in the areas that you need. It’s the perfect choice for side sleepers; additionally, it provides longevity – memory foam mattresses last a long time.
  • Inner-spring mattresses – You can probably guess what these types of mattresses are constructed of! Inner-spring mattresses have a series of coils within them, which move and adapt to your body as you lie on it. A solid, comfortable choice for just about any type of sleeper.  
  • Pillow-top mattresses – An interesting construction to these type of mattresses. They’ll feel a bit like memory foam, only softer, and are generally used in conjunction with coil mattresses. The layer of foam that provides the comfort usually resembles a pillow.
  • Latex mattresses – Latex mattresses are constructed with the same concept as memory foam mattresses, but just with different materials. A solid choice for any type of sleeper.
  • Air mattresses – Air mattresses are of the same style as water mattresses, just – surprise – with air replacing water as the material inside. This is a good choice for anyone who likes flexibility with their mattress. These types of mattresses allow owners to adjust the firmness of the mattress by allowing in either more or less air to the material. A solid choice for budget-conscious sleepers or people who like portability and flexibility.


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