Which Type of Wood is Best for Furniture?

When you’re working on setting up your home or apartment, it’s crucial that you make the best decision as to which type of wooden furniture you’re going to acquire. Wood – sturdy, attractive, and appealing – has been the most reliable source for furniture for generations, and shows no signs of slowing down well into the 21st century.

But what kind of wood is perfect for your household?

In order to make these decisions, you’ll have to balance several things – appearance, reliability, price, and much more. Luckily, we here at La Casa Interiors are here to help!

Maple Wood Furniture – Maple is an appealing type of wood that is durable and extremely strong. Additionally, this type of wood is also easy to stain and paint, for those interested in giving a different spin on the maple furniture that you might acquire. The prize for maple furniture, though, is its strength. Not only is it especially resistant to moisture – a bonus for most homeowners – it is sturdy and excellent for long-term usage. Perfect room for this type of furniture: The living room

Pine Wood Furniture – Pine furniture is an excellent option for those who are interested in lighter-weight furniture. It’s a softer style of wood, so it may not have the strength of a maple or some of the other woods. However, it’s lighter weight and feel can make it more comfortable to some people, and its relatively low weight allows for it to be moved around easier than other types of furniture. Additionally, pine wood is excellent for the cost-conscious person looking for wooden furniture; pine will generally be less expensive than other variations. Perfect room for this type of furniture: The bedroom

Cedar Wood Furniture – Like pine, cedar is a softer wood, and will likely be easier to move around the house. Additionally, cedar is very resistant to rot and other diseases that may plague other types of woods. However, the main selling point for cedar is its appearance; cedar is an extremely attractive-looking wood, with ruby and earthy tones and an appealing grain look. It’s great for bringing a touch of class to a household. Perfect room for this type of furniture: The hallway

Oak Wood Furniture – The old reliable for household wooden furniture. Oak wood is strong and sturdy, and is an excellent choice for all types of furniture; if you’re looking for something that will last a long, long time, oak could be the way to go. These are easy to paint and resistant to strong stains, and deliver a timeless, durable and rich look to a household that go very well with other types of wooden furniture that might be in the household. For all of its benefits – its beauty, its strength and its durability – oak might be a little pricier than other types of wood, however. Perfect room for this type of furniture: The dining room. Or if going for garden furniture consider white oak.

Cherry Wood Furniture – Another very resistant and durable type of wood, with a deep ruby red colour that complements other types of furniture very well. Cherry Wood furniture is excellent against the elements that oftentimes plague furniture – rot, dings, scratches and other ailments. A wood best utilized for indoor furniture. Perfect room for this type of furniture? Most rooms in the house.


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