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Furnishing a home can be one of the most exciting but daunting tasks. It’s no secret that furniture can be expensive, which is why you’ll want to find the perfect pieces of furniture from the beginning to avoid wasting money. Problem is – how do you find a reliable home furniture store that sells all the products you need?

Home furniture goes way beyond just buying a bed and a sofa. You’ve got to consider dining tables, chairs, storage, bookshelves, coffee tables, and so much more. If you’re struggling to find a theme, however, it might be easiest to start with the basics before decorating the rest of your home.

It’s no secret that Jersey is one of the most beautiful places to live in the British Isles. With the mixture of English countryside and French beaches, it makes sense why Jersey residents want their homes to exude a certain aesthetic to match their surroundings.

Problem is, ordering furniture online is risky. The colours might be totally different on a screen compared to real life, and there’s no guarantee that the furniture will arrive unharmed from the delivery overseas.

For those living in Jersey, you’re in luck! La Casa Room Interiors offers an abundance of showrooms for people to check out the furniture available, allowing you to try out the feel of multiple beds, sofas, and more. Here is everything you need to know about home furniture and interior shops Jersey!

La Casa Room Interiors

Before we go into what the furniture shop has to offer, here is a little bit about La Casa Room Interiors. Based in Saint John’s Retail Park, this home furniture store offers several showrooms that encompass everything La Casa Room Interiors stands for – high-quality, decadence, luxury, ergonomic, comfortable, and with a modern flare of originality.

The furniture on sale at the store’s showrooms directly reflect the vibe and aesthetics of Jersey, which is arguably one of the most picturesque places to live in the British Isles. This small island is ideally located just off the coast of France, allowing for Mediterranean-like beaches and a milder climate compared to the UK. The furniture in the showrooms reflects these aesthetics thanks to the range of light neutral tones, striking feature colours, and stunning simplicity.

As a result of the island’s size, buying furniture can be expensive. In most cases, people will travel to the mainland or order IKEA furniture from the mainland, only to have to wait weeks (or even months) for the furniture to arrive. Sometimes, it’s just far easier to buy furniture directly on the island itself, which is why La Casa Room Interiors is so convenient.

Not only is it more convenient to buy home furniture directly in Jersey, but La Casa Room Interiors sells a massive selection of furniture from leading brands across the world, ensuring that each piece of furniture is of premium quality to last a lifetime.

Brands at La Casa Room Interiors

La Casa Room Interiors offers a wide variety of leading brands from across the world. With such a range of high-quality brands available in each showroom, customers are met with a variety of furniture pieces to create their perfect home interior. To make it easier for you, here’s a rundown of each brand.

G Plan Upholstery

G Plan Upholstery has been considered one of the benchmarks of fine British interior furnishings since its foundation in 1953. Each sofa and armchair is ergonomically designed for comfort and the promotion of good posture, ensuring minimal back pain for each user. Despite this, the sofas and armchairs are remarkably comfortable and work to envelop every user, allowing you to relax without fear of causing pain in your back.


Healthbeds began over 125 years ago as a bed-making company that has used every material imaginable – from straw to velvet. Now, Healthbeds is committed to producing high-quality beds designed for comfort and ergonomic safety. Each headboard and base comes in a wide variety of colours and materials, allowing you to fulfil your interior design dreams.

Hypnos Beds

Hypnos Beds is a notoriously sustainable bed and mattress brand. Each bed base and mattress is tailor-made with sustainable and ethical materials that won’t affect the environment. Plus, Hypnos Beds is a certified Carbon Neutral brand!


An American furniture company, La-Z-Boy is widely popular across the globe. Not only is La-Z-Boy known for its premium-quality furniture, but the brand is also committed to sustainable business practises and high ethical standards.

Parker Knoll

Parker Knoll is a popular British brand for high-quality and beautiful sofas and chairs. Each piece is designed by a team of expert craftsmen, ensuring a luxurious feel matched with an array of fabrics to suit every interior.

Sealy Beds

Sealy Beds is a UK-based brand known for its smart innovation of comfortable mattresses. Each bed and mattress is designed to envelop the user and support their health by aligning the spine, allowing for a deeper sleep. Plus, Sealy Beds offers an array of mattress and bed frame designs.

Silentnight Beds

One of the UK’s most trusted bed brands is Silentnight Beds, which promises for a peaceful night’s sleep that doesn’t destroy the planet. Each mattress, frame, and headboard is formulated with sustainable materials. The brand itself is also highly ethical, as it currently stands as a member of the Modern Slavery Act and the Ethical Trading Initiative.


With Nordic roots and 100% clean energy products, Stressless is a trusted home furniture brand that produces pieces from sofas to home office furnishings. Each chair is designed to support and align the spine while providing ultimate comfort, and making for a beautifully minimalist and stylish interior.


Standing as one of the leading bed brands in customer satisfaction, Tempur produces everything from mattresses and bed frames to cushions and fitted sheets. The brand is most known for its ergonomic mattresses and pillows designed to encourage sleep free of interruption.


Vispring is a London-based company known for its high-quality beds and mattresses made of natural materials. The attention to detail is the biggest selling point of Vispring’s products, from the steel pocket springs to the stylish and sleek bed frames.

Home furniture at La Casa Room Interiors

The key to designing your home interior is to start with the basics and work from there. Rather than choosing random accessories and small pieces of furniture before finding a sofa to fit in with a random theme, it’s best to start with large pieces of furniture to get an idea of what you want a room to look like.

Living Room Furniture Showroom

The heart of any home starts in the living room. La Casa Room Interiors offers a diverse range of furniture in their Living Room Furniture Showroom, allowing customers to create their ideal vibe and aesthetic.

Picking a sofa on the internet is a risky task. Unless you see a sofa in the flesh before buying it, you’ll never know what it’s like to sit on the sofa, nor will you understand its faults before it arrives. Plus, ordering furniture online to an island like Jersey can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Likewise, not everyone has the time or money to travel to the mainland from Jersey to test out sofas.

La Casa Room Interiors works to cut out the middle man by providing an array of sofas from leading brands for the convenience of Jerseyans. The living room furniture showroom offers a diverse selection of sofas and armchairs to allow customers to relax after a long day at work (or even just for a cup of tea!).

The sofas on offer include:

Leather sofas

Leather is an age-old material for sofas. It’s classic, soft, easy to clean, and can come in a variety of colours and textures. The maintenance of leather is probably the main reason why it’s such a popular choice for sofas. Sofas are a haven for spillages – from food to liquids – resulting in countless tough stains. Leather, however, can be simply wiped clean to prevent stains.

Fabric sofas

Fabric is another popular sofa material for those who don’t like the feel of leather sofas. This material is breathable and soft to the skin, which is great for Jersey’s warm summers, and can come in a larger variety of colours and patterns compared to leather sofas. Sofas made of 100% cotton are densely woven to prevent pilling, however, it’s unfortunately common for cotton sofas to sag in places after years of use.

Likewise, cotton sofas aren’t as easy to clean compared to leather ones. They’re not as stain-resistant and will gather pet hair faster – however, they are virtually scratch-proof, making them ideal for homes with pets and kids.

Linen sofas

Linen sofas are incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on, making them an enviable sofa in luxury homes. However, linen sofas are less durable than cotton sofas, as they will result in sagging from constant use. It doesn’t hold under the stress of pets or kids who move a lot, which is why linen sofas are best suited for adult-only homes.

La Casa Room Interiors offers a variety of sofa styles and colours to suit every interior design. These include neutrals to brightly coloured sofas, classic loveseats, corner sofas, armchairs, and more.

Once you have found the ideal sofa for your living room, you can then look for surrounding furniture such as cabinets, coffee tables, shelving units, rugs, corner tables, and more.

Beds and Bedroom Furniture Showroom

Choosing the right bed for your home is arguably the most important furniture decision to make. Mattresses need to be comfortable and durable enough to provide good sleep for years, and the bed frames need to maintain their shape and structure to accommodate the mattress and people. Plus, you’ll want to find a suitable bed frame and headboard to suit your bedroom’s interior.

The main problem with buying beds in Jersey is that, due to their size, the costs of shipping can be extortionate. Jersey isn’t exactly the cheapest place to live, so it makes sense to buy a bed frame and mattress directly on the island to save time and money.

La Casa Room Interiors offers an array of beds in their Beds and Bedroom Furniture Showroom, from king beds to single beds, suitable for adults and kids alike. Each bed is high-quality and built to last a lifetime, not to mention how every frame comes in various colours and styles. Going for a sleek modern aesthetic or a colourful and cosy vibe in your bedroom? La Casa Room Interiors has got it.

Some of the beds on offer in the showroom also include handy accessories and additions, such as built-in storage units underneath the bed and mattress to single beds with an extra mattress underneath for sleepovers.

Plus, the Beds and Bedroom Furniture Showroom offers a variety of mattresses. With a team of bed experts, customers can test all the mattresses they like – from pocket spring to memory foam – to suit each requirement and preference. In fact, there are over 300 mattresses available, and the island-specific delivery means they can be delivered within a matter of days!

As with ordering any furniture, it’s essential that you see beds and mattresses in real life before buying them. Beds are one of the key components of a home, and considering they are used for virtually half of our lives, you’ll want to find the best bed to suit your needs and wants. If you have a preference for a certain type of mattress to aid your back pain, then you’ll have to test one in a store. If you want to find the perfect oak bed frame, you’ll benefit from seeing one in person to get an idea of the shape and colour. Visit the Bed and Bedroom Furniture Showroom today to try every bed imaginable!

Dining Room Showroom

Dining rooms and areas are another essential part of a home. Whether you’re a foodie or if you simply enjoy the simple pleasures of a well-made table and matching chairs, a dining table can be the defining factor in creating a fine dining experience in your own home.

The Dining Room Showroom at La Casa Room Interiors offers everything you could possibly need. Of course, with the main feature of a dining room being a dining table and chairs, this showroom offers an array of materials and designs to suit every interior. These include marble, oak, glass, and more in a variety of colours and shapes. A lot of ranges in the showroom also come with other pieces of furniture (such as matching cabinets and side tables) to make the entire dining room look consistent.

Whether you wish to keep your dining room looking consistent or not is up to you. Customers can receive advice from a team of expert interior designers, who can help you find the perfect dining table and chairs to suit the aesthetic of your choice. Plus, the showroom allows you a closer and more personalised impression of the dining room furniture, which is far better than simply looking for furniture online.


There are so many reasons why to visit La Casa Room Interiors if you’re looking for interior shops Jersey. As a result of the location of Jersey in the British Isles and the small size of the island, Jersey residents often have to result in travelling to the mainland (either France or England) to find home furniture. This can be incredibly costly and time-consuming – not to mention the stress of delivering the furniture overseas.

With home furniture stores like La Casa Room Interiors, people have the opportunity to view high-quality furniture from the comfort of their own island, thus saving a lot of money and time on travel and delivery. Speaking of delivery, thanks to the size of the island, the delivery time and costs of furniture across Jersey is surprisingly reasonable, which is highly convenient for homeowners.

If you’re looking for home furniture stores in Jersey, make sure to check out the showrooms at La Casa Room Interiors. The expert staff are available at every corner to provide you with advice on certain styles and makes of furniture to cater for your requirements, preference, and interior aesthetic goals. Plus, while anyone can visit the showrooms, they also offer private viewings by appointment for a more personalised experience!


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