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Furniture and interior decor are vital parts of any home. From attention-grabbing clocks on the wall, to thick comforting floor rugs that are soft to the touch. It’s all about creating a comfortable and cosy environment where you can relax. The living room is no different. 

As one of the most important rooms in your home, your living room should take centre stage. By this, we mean that you should invest in quality furniture to elevate and personalise the room according to your tastes. But arguably the most important piece of furniture you need to think about is the sofa. Whether you prefer a plush corner sofa, a firmer leather material, or two separate static sofas, there’ll be something out there that you will love and that fits with your existing decor.

However, we know that shopping online for small decor and furniture – namely sofas – can be daunting and tiresome. After all, how well do you know a piece of furniture if you’ve only seen it through a screen? That’s why physical showrooms where you have the opportunity to test out pieces of furniture are so important. Especially in a time where there is an ever-increasing demand for online shopping experiences.

So if you’re in the market for a new sofa and are anywhere near Jersey, you must visit La Casa Room Interiors. This showroom has everything you could want for a sofa, with a large variety of styles available for you to browse. You can also find many other living room accessories here to help kit out your space. So what are you waiting for? 

If you want to know more about the sofas and interior decorations that La Casa has to offer, please read on!

About La Casa Room Interiors, Jersey

There is a special charm to Jersey. It’s widely known as being a popular tourist destination with stunning coastal views, and incredible sandy beaches bordering the entire island. However, it’s also known for its luxury. It’s one of the most expensive places to live in the world – and it’s clear why!

As a result, it features an array of luxurious shops that cater to your every need. But if you’re seeking high-quality options for your home furniture and decor, you need to visit Jersey’s own La Casa Room Interiors. This decorated showroom is located in the heart of Jersey, only a  short drive St Helier’s town.

This showroom offers up a floor space containing a selection of furniture from some of the world’s leading brands. It’s also highly reassuring as you know whatever you choose will be manufactured to the highest possible quality. 

Not only does it offer a wide variety of items to choose from, but there is an informed sales team on hand at all times to help you with any queries you may have. Essentially, you will receive a personalised browsing and shopping experience without feeling rushed through the process.

 What’s not to love about the living room furniture and sofa collection?

What Sofa Brands Are Available?

There are several iconic furniture brands offered at La Casa Jersey. Four of which cater directly to individuals seeking a new, stylish sofa. As best selling models are constantly added to the collection, it is guaranteed that you will find a contemporary sofa for your home. This is evident by the large array of images that currently exist on the official La Casa website. Feel free to browse these to gain some inspiration.

G-Plan Upholstery 

This particular company is known for its quality recliner and comfort sofas. In addition, the company offers excellent value for money.

Parker Knoll

These collections define relaxation. Choose between a variety of sofa models in a choice of recliners, fabric, and colours. In summary, you can browse the Parker Knoll collection to find the perfect sofa for your home.


This company is known for its varied range of products – especially their recliners – to keep things comfortable, stylish, and functional in your home. You can shop the full range at La Casa Jersey. If you need further guidance or information, the in-store team will be more than happy to help you figure things out.


Overall, this remarkable showroom is a great place to visit if you need to find a comfortable sofa for your living room. You may be wondering why you should shop at La Casa Room Interiors for your sofa? The answer- Incredible quality items all at a great price. You couldn’t ask for more!

What to Look For:

When you are looking for a new sofa in this showroom, there are a few things you need to think about. We have listed some of these below:

Practical Elements 


Choose between sofas at varying height levels. Whether you prefer your sofa to be directly against the ground, or supported a few inches above the ground by durable tapered legs. There’ll be something to appeal to your taste at La Casa Jersey. 

Material Type

This showroom offers sofas in a variety of materials, ranging from crushed velvet to delectable wipe-clean leather. If your household is a little busier, then you may want to consider browsing and trying out some of the material sofas on offer. These are less likely to visibly show scratches or any other damage. 

However, leather sofas are a great way to go if you are all about keeping up appearances. They also tend to last longer than fabric sofas (including crushed velvet) as they are wipe-clean and are more resistant to becoming tatty.


Whether you want a bright vibrant orange sofa or one with a more muted colour, this showroom has got you covered. Opting for a more colourful option will take your living room decor to the next level, and may even leave your guests speechless. Of course, this does also depend on the way you choose to decorate the rest of the room. In summary, the colour you choose for your sofa will have a large impact on the living room and maybe even your whole home. 

Types of Sofa

The best part about browsing the colourful array of sofas is that, unlike online shopping, you can try them on for size before you buy. Not only will this help you to gauge your true reaction to the furniture but it may also help you decide whether you would like to invest in the sofa or not. Besides, who’d want to pass up the opportunity to sit down while shopping?

La Casa Jersey is a prime location for this. As we have mentioned before, the helpful in-store sales team are on hand at all times to dish out guidance whenever it is needed. So you can rest assured that you’ll be steered in the right direction!

Below, we will list several of the sofa types on offer at La Casa Jersey for you to browse. However, to gain insight into the sheer magnitude of the available range, you should visit the official La Casa Jersey website to access more information and to view some photographs of the products.

  Sectional/Corner Sofas

This particular sofa type is perfect for cosying up underneath a blanket on colder winter nights. It can be made of leather or a comfortable material such as polyester. It’s an excellent choice if you want to maximise your comfort. Aside from being highly comfortable, this sofa style adds something extra to your room. Depending on the colour you choose, your sofa can make a statement, meaning you can keep other room decorations to an absolute minimum. 

Lawson Style Sofas

This sofa style is characterised by its cushion seat design, simple silhouette, and loose back pillows. It can easily be dressed up or down with throw blankets and decorative pillows, making it a great addition to all homes. There are several images of this sofa style on the La Casa website for you to look at, and each looks as comfortable as the next. 

Recliner Sofas and Chairs

If you’re purely after ergonomic leather recliner furniture, we’d recommend looking at the Stressless products on offer in the showroom. A large majority of these items come with a matching footstool for optimum comfort, making your relaxation and comfort an absolute priority. These also come in a variety of colours from a simple yet effective beige to a charcoal grey, so you’ll be able to match one to your home interior without any trouble. 


Similarly, you can peruse several accent armchairs while visiting the showroom. They come in various materials, styles, and sizes to suit your exact needs. Regardless of their size, armchairs are a great choice of furniture if you want to curl up and read a book in both comfort and style. At La Casa Jersey, there are several varieties available for you to choose from, all ranging in styles and colours. You truly are spoilt for choice!

Sofas vs Armchair

Choosing between an armchair and a sofa may seem like an impossible decision, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult! We have come up with a few little steps for you to follow before you decide to visit – or while you are in – the La Casa Jersey showroom. 

Firstly, you must consider the space you have in your home and the type of furniture that you can accommodate. You want to accentuate the room, not shroud it with unnecessary decoration and furniture. If you have more space opt for a sofa (or two, we won’t judge) rather than a single armchair. But if you are running low on space, choosing a comfortable reclining chair might be the best course of action.

After establishing this, you should think about your comfort. Do you want a chair with a larger amount of space for you to relax in? Or would you prefer a more snug-fitting chair? Whatever you decide, you’ll find something to match your preference at this glorious showroom. If you want to have a little bit of inspiration, browse their website to see all that is on offer.

Finally, you need to physically test out the furniture to see which provides the most comfortable fit. As we mentioned earlier, seeing an item online and in-person are two completely different things. That being said, you may find that you enjoy a sofa style and colour that is completely different from your usual style! It all depends on the overall look that you’re trying to achieve.

Other Furniture

Now that we’ve talked about the incredible array of sofas and armchairs that are available at the La Casa Room Interiors store in Jersey, we’d like to discuss other room decorations.

From images on the website, it’s clear that the living room furniture at La Casa is some of the most versatile around, from sturdy wooden coffee tables to attention-grabbing decorative plant pots. The pictures of the showroom that have been uploaded to the official La Casa Jersey site provide you with a key visual of what your chosen furniture will look like in your own home. 

So if you’re seeking comfort and style for your home while maintaining an air of sophistication, you know exactly where to go!

Footstools for Your Sofa 

Some of the sofas in the showroom come with footstools, others may come as a separate purchase. Regardless of this, they are an exceptional choice to fill floor space and add something special to your living room or any other lounging room in your home.

Coffee Tables

  1. 3 Tier Stacked Metal Coffee Table 

Not only is this particular coffee table a feature piece for your room, it’s also highly convenient. With lots of storage space on the surface this coffee table looks amazing when paired with any sofa type.This means it will most likely fit in nicely with your existing home decor, so you won’t have to worry about redecorating. Essentially it has a timeless look that makes it stand out in a room. 

  1. Wooden coffee table

From the website images, it’s clear that leather and material sofas work with different tables. From three-legged wooden coffee tables that are a couple of inches off the ground, to longer-length wooden tables that are far closer to the ground – there’s a complimentary coffee table out there that’ll suit your sofa! So why not take note of this when you visit the showroom? 

The best part about having the images online and such a large array of products available in the showroom, is that you can see how each sofa looks when paired with different pieces of furniture. It’s an excellent way to gain a better understanding of how the sofa and any surrounding furniture (or accessories) will look when situated in the home.


If there’s one thing the La Casa Jersey showroom is great at, it’s pairing together statement furniture with relevant smaller pieces. In this instance, some of the site images demonstrate colourful sofas surrounded by simple decor. Including a three-legged wooden lamp with a simple shade sitting on top. It goes to show that you don’t have to over-complicate interior design to create an effective-looking room! 

Not only do they add a subtle yet attention-grabbing element to a room, they also look pretty cool, too! 

The showroom and its helpful staff will provide you with more insight into what sort of decor would match best with your sofa so if this interests you, it’s worth a visit if you can!

Final Say

La Casa Room Interiors has so many different options to choose from in terms of sofas and other living room furniture. So whether you’re looking for a particular decorative feature or a staple statement sofa, this incredible showroom has everything you could ever need to build your perfect living room.

The range of sofas available for purchase can be quite overwhelming. If you are planning to visit the shop in person, you should go in with an idea of exactly what you want so that you don’t get too sidetracked. Although this doesn’t mean that you can’t try out all the sofas you want! You have free rein to do as you please (within reason, of course).

If you have any queries, or if you simply want to find out more about the products on offer, you can contact La Casa directly via social media, phone, or email.


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